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A Week To Change

30 май, 2017

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30/05/2017, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

2 young Chimps, naturally social Dora and Haus, are no longer lonely, they have each other. All this thanks to the world renown Animal Welfare expert from Phoenix Zoo and the Jane Goodall Institute mentor Hilda Tresz, whom we arranged to visit the Rostov zoo a while ago. Hilda taught the keepers about the responsible and gradual introduction of these complex animals to each other to improve their daily lives. Chimps are social animals and need companionship, just like people do. Dora also had a vital surgery to remove an iron pin from her body, left in by a street photographer, who used her as a photo prop. Since we started our collaboration, the zoo is also implementing habitat and enrichment improvements for other animals. This year we are planning more similar interventions, stay tuned for more exciting news like this!
We are very proud to share this video giving a glimpse of the amazing massive work Hilda Tresz is doing for captive animals around the world. Last year, as part of our Improving Welfare Of Captive Animals programme we arranged an unprecedented visit to a Russian zoo for Hilda, where she consulted the keepers on appropriate animal care and helped make the lives of two very lonely chimps much better. Meet Haus and Dora and see their story starting from minute 6.50

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