Мы Идем Туда, Куда Другие Боятся Шагнуть



“Un pour tous, tous pour un” – 4 brave musketeers!

25 сен, 2017

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April 2017, 4 tiny new residents arrive to the bear cub nursery at UTYOS Wildlife Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Centre. 2 Himalayan and 2 Brown bear cubs – two different species, one cruel destiny – to become orphans by the hand of illegal poachers who killed their mama-bears, while they were still nursing. Every year 3000 to 4000 tiny babies just like these are left to die by hunters and poachers in Russia’s Far East alone.

These 4 tiny, but very brave musketeers got lucky, they were rescued and brought to UTYOS, where, with the very generous support from the  Brigitte Bardot Foundation they now have a chance at life!

Please support our mission to save as many orphans as we can and stay tuned for their release video next May!

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